Responsive Practice

Strategies, Tools and Resources for Maximizing Client Engagement and Increasing Positive Outcomes

Venue and Date

Mount Royal University, Room O222

9AM-4PM, May 22nd, 2019


Why this workshop?

You got into the field because you care, and you do your best to help the people you serve.  

But you work in an imperfect system in an imperfect world, and there are times when you just can't seem to reach the person across from you, who seems to be struggling with motivation and engagement in the services you offer.

Responsive Practice is an approach that moves away from traditional and reductionist views of people and behaviour. This approach is guided by foundational beliefs that challenge pathological, problem-oriented and biomedical-focused frameworks so that we may understand and approach human helping in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Who Should Attend? 

All frontline practitioners, supervisors and clinicians in human services who are determined and committed to improve client-centred practice, maximize engagement and enhance efficiencies towards desired client outcomes will benefit from this hands-on and engaging workshop. 

What is the 'Responsive Approach'?  

Responsive Practice (RP) (de Groot, Couillard, Waters-Radcliffe, 2017) is a relationship-based, values-centred, strengths-focused and feedback-informed approach for working with individuals, groups and organizations.  

We'll be exploring the Foundations of Responsive Practice;  

  • The Foundational Beliefs about People, Behaviour and Problems
  • The Three Great States for Connection and Engagement
  • Working from a Relationship-Based perspective, especially in an industry that often focuses on practices and programs instead of people.
  • Being Power-Aware; we'll explore issues related to the "power dynamic" through the Right Use of Power ethical framework.
  • Meaning Making; how understanding the "CORE4" motivators makes all areas of our work easier, more engaging and meaningful.
  • Values-Centred practice, and how to make sure that values come "off of the wall" and into your daily activities.
  • How to identify, build and leverage a Strengths-Focus in the pursuit of meaningful goals
  • Feedback Informed; how to engage your clients and students as active participants in their own journey, and ensure that your impact lines up with your intention

You Can Expect To: 

  • Engage in hands-on and experiential learning activities to deepen your understanding of the material and how to apply it to your unique context and services
  • Discover the key strategies for decreasing client resistance and withdrawal from your services
  • Walk away with new strategies, tools, resources and activities to provide engaging, meaningful and impactful care to the people you serve.




Jeff Couillard

Jeff is the founder and chief facilitator at Attainability Group Ltd., a small consulting firm dedicated to building incredible teams of professionals in organizations big and small in a wide range of sectors. He focuses on bringing Right Use of Power principles into organizations to improve employee engagement, develop leadership capacity, and achieve better client outcomes. 

From team development to conflict resolution, leading multi-disciplinary teams of professionals tackling the complex issues of addiction and mental health, to sharing stories on the TEDx stage, he's focused on creating highly functional individuals, teams, and communities.

Kelly Waters-Radcliffe, R.Psych

Kelly is a registered psychologist, family therapist and seasoned trainer. His specialties include Right Use of Power, Ethical Decision Making, Client-Centered care and Compassionate Communication. 

Kelly is extremely adept at helping people identify and bring clarity to the challenge at hand. 

What People are Saying...

"He’s masterful at taking well researched models and best practices and turning them into easily integrated ideas that create change. He uses simple useful tools and the power of intention. He’s a transformational leader and a visionary. I would highly recommend Jeff’s work to anyone."

"With the tools from this course I can get to the center of who that client is, and what their challenges are, much quicker. It's provided a great skeletal structure to my sessions and allows for much more intention in my practice."

Candace Windisch, Director of Services, Enviros

Clinton Taylor, Family School Wellness

"I firmly believe that Responsive Practice is the future!"

Chris Sullivan, Supervisor, Youth Transitions to Adulthood

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This Responsive Practice event brought to you in partnership with Mount Royal University's Child Studies and Social Work Program