Beyond Anxiety

Understand and Help Your Child Cope with Fear, Frustration and Failure

Connect Charter School

November 21, 2018


A FREE workshop for parents and caregivers.

"Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns for children and adults, affecting upwards of 20% of children and adolescents over their lifespan. Anxious youth are often quiet and well behaved, and thus frequently go unnoticed by their parents, teachers, and coaches. Alternatively others can be disruptive and act out, being labeled as having attention deficit disorder or being a “bad” kid. Both scenarios result in youth failing to receive the help they desperately need. Sadly, untreated anxiety can lead to depression, missed opportunities in career and relationships, increased substance use, and a decreased quality of life." (

At this hands-on and engaging workshop with Jeff, Kelly and Steve, you'll learn:

  • How our typical explanations for anxiety and related "disorders" can be misleading and unhelpful
  • The "3 Great States" of Engagement and Connection
  • How to address symptoms of anxiety and build confidence and competence in your child
  • How to understand Motivation & Meaning, and how they intersect with our experiences of anxiety and mental health
  • Where (and when!) to turn to further resources and professionals for help with anxiety and other mental health concerns

What parents are saying...

"Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for sending this material! I had an operatic “ahhhhhhhhhhhha” moment...WOW – what an eye opener! I was so excited after watching one of the videos one evening, that I couldn’t go to sleep, because there is hope for us."

- Jackie S.

LOVE this! Thanks for the little infographic as well....that is exactly what I needed to simplify this line of thought.  

And, love what you're doing in general. Bravo!

- Jess V.

Thanks for this! Such an important message for us to acknowledge with our kids....but even more so in ourselves!

- Candace W.

Who are Jeff, Kelly and Steve?

Kelly Waters-Radcliffe is a registered psychologist, family therapist and seasoned trainer. His specialties include Right Use of Power, Ethical Decision Making, Client-Centered care and Non-Violent Communication. 

Kelly is a proud father of two little girls.

Jeff Couillard is a proud husband and father to three incredible little people.

Jeff is also an experienced leader in the nonprofit, education and community sectors. His vision is to help people (and organizations) change for the better. 

Steve de Groot is an author, consultant and public speaker on all things human potential, team development and leadership.

He's also the proud father of two young men who never fail to impress him with their compassion, work ethic and potential.

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