How to Get Unstuck!

An online mini-course to get you unstuck and taking meaningful action towards your goals.

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We all get "stuck" at various points in our lives. 

Maybe you're stuck with your eating habits or your exercise routines.

Or you've woken up with the realization that you've been commuting to the same job, at the same office, doing the same thing....for awhile now. 

Maybe you're feeling stuck in a relationship, a pattern of conflict with a partner or child that you'd like to get resolved. 

There's a reason why we get stuck in life. It's easy. Comfortable. Takes no effort.

Getting unstuck is a different beast, and that's what this mini-course is all about. 

We'll be giving you simple, practical and proven strategies and tools for discovering why you're stuck, and how to take the first meaningful action steps towards your preferred goals. 

Join Jeff Couillard, your host and instructor, as he walks you through three short online modules designed to get you out of being stuck, and moving towards meaningful action. 

Watch the short (less than 2min) video below for more!

A few Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the course software complicated? No. We've used the easiest and most user-friendly online learning platform we could find. 

2. This course is only 20$...what's the catch? There is no catch. We think that everyone should have access to this information, as it's fundamental for making meaningful change in all areas of life. If you want to dive deeper into the content, with more hands-on coaching from the instructor, we do have additional learning opportunities, but this course stands on it's own. We guarantee you'll get a ton of value out of it. Earlybird pricing ends July 31, 2019.

3. How long will I have access to the course? Forever. In the event that we switch software or make updates to the course, you'll be the first to know and we'll bring you with us wherever we go.

4. Do you have a money back guarantee? Of course. As we mentioned, we guarantee that you'll get a ton of value out of this course. In the event that you feel otherwise, simply get in touch and we'll send you a prompt refund, and ask a few simple questions about what we can improve (we're always trying to get better).

Move at your own pace through three short modules, each only about 20 minutes in length, as you learn the 3A's of Getting Unstuck.

Print and use a companion workbook to capture your learning, and set yourself up for taking immediate action as you complete each module.

"He’s masterful at taking well researched models and best practices and turning them into easily integrated ideas that create change. He uses simple useful tools and the power of intention. 

He’s a transformational leader and a visionary. I would highly recommend Jeff’s work to anyone."

- Candace Windisch, Director of Services, Enviros 

Jeff has a very unique and inspiring style, which I have seen produce phenomenal results over the years with respect to change management and conflict resolution.  

He is exceptionally knowledgeable without ego getting in the way, and facilitates in an empowering, positive style. He has an unassuming style, yet delivers world class facilitation. 

- Lisa Graham, Human Resources, Town of Cochrane