Five 1-hr sessions over 5 days in February, 2020. 

LIVE via Zoom video-conference.

Lifetime Access to Recordings + Resources!

You can feel the shift coming.

Maybe it's because you want to keep growing your skills.  

Maybe it's because you've grown stagnant in your role and want new challenges.  

Maybe it's because funding challenges and insecurity in the nonprofit and education sector is causing you to lose sleep and binge-watch Netflix from Friday night onwards, only coming up for air Sunday night with the anxiety of Monday morning front and center.

You're not sure where to start.

You've dipped your toe into the idea of building a business, taking your skills out into the world, and quickly got overwhelmed with the amount of noise and the "must do this now to be successful" advice. 

You read The Four-Hour Workweek, got excited (and then got stressed out).

Build a funnel. Don't build a funnel. Webinars are where it's at. Webinars are so 2019. Social media, email lists, podcasts, book writing,'s so loud in the world of business and entrepreneurship advice that it can be nearly impossible to figure out a reasonable next action step.

So you don't.

You put the idea back on the shelf.  

To either pull it out and dust it off again and again, or give up on it entirely. 

You justify the lack of action because "now's not a great time" or "once the kids are all out of high school" or "when the economy recovers" or...or...or...  

But you CAN DO IT, and I can help.

This time, don't put it back on the shelf. 

Let me help you figure out those next action steps. 

Here's my promise;

  • No funnels, webinars, "do this to get rich quick" BS
  • No upsells (I don't want you to buy anything from me but this course. And then I want you to build a thriving business and email me in 6-12 months to tell me all about it.)
  • Action, strategies and tactics that have worked for me and others who've made similar transitions into self-employment.

A five-session LIVE online course (plus optional bonus 1:1 coaching sessions) to learn the fundamentals of transitioning from the life of an employee to a thriving small business owner!

This course is delivered live via Zoom webinars, as well as recorded and shared afterwards with PDF handouts, tip sheets and resources so you have all of the course materials to reference afterwards, or in case you have to miss a session.

We're scheduled to run at 12-1PM MST the week of February 3-7th (Monday through Friday), with individual coaching calls scheduled in the following weeks.

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What You Get:

This course (and coaching options) is designed for people who've spent the majority of their career in the "human services" sector, and are ready to make the move into a coaching, consulting, speaking, facilitating or freelancing business....but might not have a clear roadmap on how to get started, or where to put their limited time and resources.

Module 1: The SHIFT. 

  • We'll identify and dismantle the beliefs that will hold you back... important beliefs about your own value and the value of your work.
  • What's involved with "turning pro", including the single best piece of advice I ever received (advice worth a significant amount of revenue every year)! 
  • You'll identify a few of the critical pieces necessary to get clear and focused on the value you bring, including how to transfer your skills into new contexts and environments.

Module 2: Structure and Function.  

  • In this module we walk through the fundamentals of business startup (including a bunch of mistakes I made and how to avoid them!)
  • We'll talk about how to structure your business around important functions.
  • Answers to some important questions like "do I need insurance?" and "should I incorporate?" and "how do I get work done from my kitchen table?"  

Module 3: Marketing for People who Hate Marketing.  

  • We'll break down the most important marketing strategies you need to get traction right out of the gate. (And no, you don't need Facebook ads, an online course like this, a podcast or a huge email fact, you barely need a website).
  • How to get referrals and testimonials to add credibility to your services, and turn your satisfied customers into your best marketers!
  • How to avoid getting sucked into "funnel hacking" (and other "hacks" in general) and waste days agonizing over your business card design or whether to invest in webinar software.  

Module 4: Strategic Partnerships and a dozen really important tips.  

  • How to strategically partner with others (a hugely valuable topic, partnerships brought in 35% of my revenue in 2019)!  
  • How to write a proposal that wins every time (I average an 85% proposal acceptance rate, with most contracts being 10K+). 
  • How to consistently increase your rates and save days worth of time by decreasing your labor intensity. 
  • A bunch of other tips that'll help you accelerate through the learning curve!  

Module 5: The Roadmap.  

  • We'll bring it all together and introduce you to the Roadmap, a tangible plan for the next year of starting and thriving in your new business.

Who's Jeff?

If you want to learn a bit more about me and my coaching, speaking and consulting business you can check out


I spent the first 15 years of my career in the nonprofit sector...working in a wide variety of "social service" type leadership roles, most notably in the addictions treatment sector.

I started the entrepreneur's journey in ~2010, first as a side-hustle (and then pulled the chute and went full-time into a thriving consulting, coaching and speaking business in 2017). 

I know what it's like to stare at a bank account and wonder how the mortgage is going to get paid next month (and I also, thankfully, know what it's like to charge what used to be a month's worth of salary for a day's worth of work).


Over the past couple of years, a consistent theme has friends, colleagues and peers in the nonprofit, education and ngo sectors are getting chewed up and burnt out at an unacceptable rate

And life is too short to have to learn everything the hard way, so this course will help you build that thriving business a little bit faster.


Extend your learning with two optional add-on's;

  • A 1:1 coaching call post-course to walk through your one-page business plan with Jeff.
  • 3-month's coaching (5 additional sessions) and support to help execute and troubleshoot as you get up and running.
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Question for Jeff?

I can't wait for you to join me on this journey.

From essential principles to practical tips (all learned the hard way!), I'm going to give you all the tools you need to succeed, and all the traps that are easy to fall into.

Plus, the live and interactive course format (including a personal coaching call) makes it fun, engaging and supportive!

I guarantee this course is going to expand your sense of what's possible as you transition from a lifetime of working in the nonprofit, education or NGO sector, to a new life of working for yourself. In fact, if it doesn't exceed your expectations (and you're willing to tell me how to improve it), I'll give you a 100% refund.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Will the sessions be recorded? You betcha. If you happen to miss a session, we'll send a recording to your inbox ASAP (same day), so that you don't fall behind.

How long will I have access? Forever (assuming that the internet doesn't implode or something). We'll email you the video modules after each is completed, and then a follow up email upon course completion with all of the modules and resources in one place.

What will I leave the course with? Every module comes with a PDF handout that includes the important material from that module, along with a few guided reflection questions or exercises for you to deepen the learning and walk away with a concrete action step. 

You'll also leave the course with a 1-year road map with strategic priorities and practical projects to move your business objectives forward.

Is the software complicated? Nope. We use Zoom video-conferencing software, which is about as straightforward as it gets.

What's the deal with the optional coaching calls? Well, they're definitely optional, but we know the value of timely feedback on business plans, product offerings, marketing efforts, website design, etc...the 1:1 coaching calls are designed to help you focus on a priority, offer meaningful feedback and some gentle accountability.