Measuring success in addiction and mental health treatment

A custom-built approach to outcomes and evaluation that will;

  • Enable your team to make data-driven decisions at the individual client level, determining if treatment is on or off track!
  • Improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your treatment programs, ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately based on client need.
  • Provide invaluable insight into trends and themes emerging from your client population to make programming changes and staffing decisions.
  • Encourage clients to give meaningful feedback in real time, empowering frontline practitioners to accelerate the improvement of the treatment experience!
  • Assist your organization in both proving and improving the efficacy of your programs and services!

Our Vital Signs outcome and evaluation systems are custom-built for your unique needs. 

We're focused (quite intensely) on providing simple, practical and cost-effective solutions for improving client outcomes, increasing employee engagement and contributing to efficient and effective operations for addiction and mental health service providers.  

We ensure that, above all else, outcome and evaluation systems are designed and built to be most useful for your direct-service practitioners, and the clients you serve!


  • Custom built solutions for your staff and clients that align with your needs, values, program mission and mandate
  • Valid, reliable and standardized outcome instruments built and hosted by OQ Measures
  • Scalable software with powerful analytics to help make sense of the data and provide easy to use feedback for practitioners
  • Fully HIPAA compliant and easily integrates with other electronic health record systems.
  • Up to 10X more affordable than comparable outcome systems! 
  • Varying levels of organizational support for implementation, from evaluation design to coaching, training & onboarding systems for the team.
  • Leadership coaching and change management strategies and tools for ensuring sustainable impact


We've put together a quick (3-page) overview of the "Vital Signs" approach to outcomes and evaluation in the addiction and mental health sector.


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Improving Outcomes in Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

How do you know you do great work?

How do you know your treatment programs are effective AND efficient?

How can you safeguard your team from budget cuts, fiscal restraint and political volatility, by proving your programs are effective and improving your outcomes?  

Learn more about the Vital Signs approach to outcomes and evaluation in the addiction and mental health sector!

"With the Vital Signs approach to measuring client progress in treatment, we were able to use solid client-reported data to reduce the length of our live-in addictions treatment program by 50%, allowing us to serve twice as many clients every year while maintaining superb treatment outcomes." 

AMY WILSON, Hope Place Centres

"They're masterful at taking well researched models and best practices and turning them into easily integrated ideas that create meaningful and lasting change. They use simple, useful tools and the power of intention. I would highly recommend their work to anyone!" 

CANDACE WINDISCH, Director of Services, Enviros

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